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Directional Drilling

Canberra’s only rock capable directional drilling specialists, providing services for electrical, telecommunications, water and gas utilities throughout the Canberra region and NSW.


ACTHDB are equipped with a range of excavators ranging from 1.3 to 8 ton that are capable of handling most excavation projects, including zero swing excavators that are suitable for restricted work sites.

Hydro Excavation

Hydro excavation systems provide ACTHDB with an economical solution for a wide range of cleanup and excavation tasks. This is ideal for those tight jobsites where cleaning up spills and unwanted fluids can be tricky.

Welcome to ACT Horizontal & Directional Boring

ACT Horizontal & Directional Boring is a Canberra based company specialising in horizontal directional drilling (HDD). We provide services throughout the ACT and NSW for Civil Contractors, Government, Local Councils and Network Providers. We are a family owned and operated company with over 40 years experience, 20 of which are dedicated to the directional drilling industry.

Run by Dave Sturzaker and Paul Engel, ACTHDB began operations with just one Directional Drill and now has a fleet of machines equipped to carry out a wide range of installations, from a small private water supply to the installation of main utility lines.

Our services include the installation of: Electrical, Water and Gas utilities, Telecommunications, Irrigation and Plumbing. With major clients such as: ACTEW Water, Civil Contractors, Network Providers and surrounding Councils. We also provide services to all local ElectriciansPlumbers and everyday householders.

View our HDD fleet

In addition to directional drilling, we also operate several excavators ranging from 1.3 to 8 ton, capable of handling most excavation projects including zero swing excavators suitable for restricted work sites. If your job requires something bigger, ACTHDB can access an excavator to suit your needs through one of our many supporting contractors. We also have an extensive range of bucket sizes and various attachments to suit different applications, such as the auger attachment, capable of vertical drilling to a depth of 2m and 150mm to 600mm in diameter.

Capabilities at a glance
Directional Drilling
No matter what the ground condition is, from rock and clay, to sand and soil, we can drill through it. Learn more.
From the digging of trenches and foundations, to heavy lifting of items, we can cater for all your needs. Learn more.
Butt Fusion
Extended installation of HDPE product? No problem for ACTHDB’s Butt Fusion Technician. Learn more.
Auger Boring
Horizontal or vertical boring? No problem! ACTHDB can do both thanks to the Earth Auger Borer. Learn more.