Our HDD fleet comprises of many different types of Directional Drills, including All Terrain Direction Drills capable of handling small to large drilling tasks. Without these, encountering rocky soil or solid rock means one thing, find another place to drill. But with our fleet, rock is just another type of soil for ACTHDB.

Ditch Witch JT8020 All Terrain. The newest edition to ACTHDB’s fleet is the massive JT8020 rock-drilling machine. Equipped with the All Terrain Air Hammer and 80,000 lb of pullback force, the capability of the JT8020 is extended into the hardest rock category with the ability to drill/install cable and pipe at distances of over 600 metres.

Ditch Witch JT3020 All Terrain. This directional drilling machine is recognised as the industry leader when it comes to rock-based utility installations. Thanks to its advanced dual-drive pipe technique and hydraulic heavy-duty anchor system, the 148-hp JT3020 can steer, drill and backream up to 200 metres.

Ditch Witch JT1720. A compact Drilling Rig offering 17,000 lb of pullback force in its sturdy yet compact frame. The JT1720 combines the simplicity and easy operation of smaller horizontal directional drills with the advanced features of bigger drilling machines.

Ditch Witch JT10. The JT10 boasts unbeatable power in a compact, yet sturdy frame for easy transportation and improved manoeuvrability. Perfect for those tight jobsites.

Ditch Witch PT1010, designed specifically for shallow installations of cable, fibre and water systems up to 50 metres in length beneath roads, driveways, footpaths, sensitive landscaping and other surface obstacles. No room to work? No problem for this compact and powerful directional drill.