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Butt Fusion

With polyethylene pipe (HDPE) fast becoming the more common material to be used within the gas, electrical, communications and water supply industry, Butt Fusion, or polyethylene welding, is a much needed capability of ACTHDB. The Butt Fusion of HDPE pipe by electrofusion couplings provides a joint with the same end load bearing capabilities and corrosion resistance as the parent pipe. Electrofusion joints consist of resistance wires embedded into the parent material of the coupler which, when heated by the passage of a controlled electrical current, cause the surrounding HDPE material to melt and form a fusion joint.

ACTHDB are able to perform Butt Fusion of HDPE pipe ranging from 63mm to 225mm in diameter. If required, the Butt Fusion of HDPE pipe up to 500mm in diameter can be performed.

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